Enhances fuels natural qualities, protecting your unit's engine, as well as the air we breathe. Studies have shown that the below products reflect greater performance when being activated with Actimax 5000x1 ®.


Having a wise culture in the use of energy, may help improving the place where we live.

Being a green company, our goal is to take care of our environment by promoting the use of activated fuels, improving on a clean combustion of gases emissions. Learn more about Actimax5000x1 ® and find out how you can contribute for a "Clean Enviroment".


We provide our clients with the best quality of service and human warmth they deserve. Through our products, our customers find the solution to stabilize their units' fuel systems, obtaining constant efficiency in each fuel catalytic activation.

  • Actimax 5000x1 ® is an amazing product that we've been using it for more than 3 years and still provides excellent performance on Gasoline, Diesel and Fueloil.


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Discover what you can do with your resources and how you can prevent losses, reduce exhaust gases emissions and help for a cleaner environment.

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