Chemical Atributes


ACTIMAX 5000x1 ® Fuel Catalytic Activators are manufactured adequate to proportions based on the following chemical principles:

Demulsifier test


Demulsifier compounds that act by accelerating the decantation speed of water contained in the fuel (mainly in Diesel) by condensation towards the bottom of the storage tank, which makes it easy to be eliminated by bleeding or by centrifugation in the fuel filter. In the case of ships, it’s possible to eradicate water easily through a purge step on the bottom of the tank.


Surfactants II


Surfactants are compounds that decrease the fuel surface tension and improve injector spraying (fundamental principle to get an excellent combustion in any type of engine that works with liquid fuel).


Detergents Cleaning
Injectors-Detergents I


These chemicals reduce carbonaceous deposits formation and flow loss in the injectors, thus maintaining an excellent spray.


Corrosion Inhibidor
Corrosive inhibidor

Corrosion Inhibitors

Its main function in ACTIMAX 5000x1 ® products is to protect the metallic parts of the fuel circuits and in the fume exhaust.


Magnesium Organic Solution-Physicochemical-Thermal-Structural-and-Behavioral-Properties

Magnesium Organic Solution

Is responsible for corrosion reduction which produces exhaust gases from combustion due to impurities contained in fuels, (mainly sulfur) and the corrosive compounds that these generate.


Organic Solvents

Organic Solvents

Are mixture of solvents that serve as excipient to all the active principles that we detail above, in addition to actively collaborate in cleaning the fuel entire circuit from the storage tank to the combustion chamber. They also serve to make the balanced adjustment for the product dosage.

The chemical compounds effectiveness will vary depending on the Actimax 5000x1 ® product concentration mixed with your fuel and on other important factors that you need to be aware of.

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