Product benefits


Economical advantage I

Given its concentration, each product results on an economical advantage and easy to apply on fuels, generating the following benefits:

Molecular rearrangement IV
Maximizes fuel by its molecular rearrangement.

Increase fuel savings
Improves combustion (generating fuel savings)

Alternative fuels
Reduces polluting gases emission.

Increases the engine power or calorific value of your equipment.

Car engine
Reduces engine heating.

Clean injector system II
Cleans and lubricates the fuel injection system.

Boilers II
Prolongs the life of engines, boilers and systems overall.

Boiler cleaning
Effective cleaning in the home of the boiler or furnace.

Smoke and soot
Reduces the amount of smoke and soot.

Prevents corrosion
Preventive corrosion in the less hot parts of the equipment.

Preventive maintenance
Substantially reduces your equipment maintenance.

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