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We understand how important is to maintain a business and we are aware that it requires well management of your resources and risk prevention of any loss.

Nowadays, our expenses concern has increased dramatically and even more with skyrocket fuel prices, affecting your business directly.

For that, Actimax 5000x1 ® has created a program based on previous experiences with customers that may have had the same situation as yours, which consist on an analysis study that will allow us to determine how to reduce costs for you business, not only on fuel expenses, but on preventive maintenance for your fuel storage tank and conduction system, as well as the combustion mechanisms and most important, eliminating in its mayor totality toxic gases emissions, generating a positive impact to the environment.

All the effects are created with gradient mesh, blending and transparent effects. Open the file only in transparency supported software.


Actimax 5000x1 ® staff is well prepared in this field and can advise you on how to perform an effective Catalytic Activation on your fuels, if you manage more than one on your business, does not matter if you have a single motor unit, automobiles or a truck fleet, we’ll provide you with the steps you need to know on how to obtain good results, based on all factors that are a constant for your motor or vehicle’s performance.

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Actimax 5000x1 ® products are developed with the highest quality of compounds and organic ingredients. These are combined to promote continuous fuel system maintenance, combustion efficiency and hygienic gas emissions, which results in an economic and ecological high valued asset.

We support the use of Actimax 5000x1 ® Fuel Catalytic Activators, not because of it’s benefits, but because of what it can do to lower your costs and reduce losses.

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