Fuel Oil Activator 1L

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The Fuel Oil Catalytic Activator is a ready to use liquid which is recommended to apply directly in to Fuel Oil storage tank before any fuel reload.


The Fuel “Oil Catalytic Activator” is a cristal clear liquid developed to react on external combustion motor engines, which comes on a sealed vassel, preventing any risk of liquid spills.



  • 1L Actimax Fuel Oil application may yield up to 3,000 liters of Fuel Oil.


Note: the effectiveness will depend on the product continuous use.


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Additional information

Weight 900 kg
Dimensions .10 x .10 x .30 m
Product Qualities

Fuel Booster, Fuel Cleaner, Combustion Enhancer, Valve Protector, Engine life expandor, Fuel Storage Tank Cleaner, Gases Emissions Elimination


1 L


Black Label


Given its concentration, each product results in an economic advantage and easy to apply on fuels, generating the following benefits:


  1. Eradicates water contained in fuels through decantation.
  2. Enhances fuel qualities by its molecular rearrangement.
  3. Improves combustion efficiency (generating fuel savings).
  4. Reduces polluting gases emission.
  5. Increases engine power or calorific value of your equipment.
  6. Reduces engine heating.
  7. Cleans and lubricates the fuel injection system.
  8. Prolongs engine life, boilers and systems overall.
  9. Effective cleaning in boiler combustion systems and furnaces.
  10. Reduces smoke and soot subsequent of combustion processes.
  11. Prevents corrosion in the less hot parts of the equipment.
  12. Substantially reduces your equipment maintenance.


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